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Author/Editor: Humberto Maggi

Publication date: January 2017

ISBN: 978-1-9577581-5-2

Book Type: Hard Cover. Octavo. viii + 286pp. Black faux leather with red metallic symbol on the front cover and lettering on the spine. The endpapers are full color original artwork by artist Daniele Valeriani. The book is well illustrated in black and white and contains many images and sigils. There is also a place marker ribbon. This Edition limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

 Sufurino, is a translation of the book, “The Complete Treatise of True Magic”, that was written by the German monk, Jonas Sufurino. Brother Jonas was the librarian of the Abbey of Walkenried, Located near Mount Brocken, the mountain where, according to old legends, devils and witches came to perform their dark rituals and celebrate their black masses. Once translated, the book turned out to be a treasure trove of true magick.  Like The Key of Solomon, The Red Dragon, The Black Hen, or The Grand Grimoire, this book contains, in effect, some of the most essential information that can be found on the subject of magick. Information on, invocations, exorcisms, Blood Pacts, Chaldean and Egyptian Magic, Philters, Enchantments, Sorceries, Ceremonial Magick, Divination and much more, are explored in great detail making this book an indispensable reference work and instruction manual for the beginner and advanced magician alike.